Sony reportedly increases PS5 production by 3–4 million units

Sony is reportedly increasing PS5 production by a substantial margin. Their early orders expected to crank out 5–6 million PlayStation 5 consoles to meet demand for the Holiday 2020 season, but recent reporting states that they’ve increased that number substantially.

Nikkei reports that sources speaking to them have indicated PS5 production has been increased to 9 million units — as much as a 50% increase from its initial order placed in Spring 2020. On the other side of the ocean, Bloomberg’s own sources say that the number is even higher; according to its sources, Sony is in fact aiming for 10 million units in the first production wave.

The increase in PS5 production could be seen as a way to mitigate any shipping and logistics concerns; a repeat of this year’s factory shutdowns due to a pandemic could mean that production slows or stops during the console’s critical first year. However, those same shipping and logistical troubles might make getting these millions of consoles onto store shelves a challenge.

One way or another, Sony is aiming for big numbers for its Holiday 2020 launch. We still don’t know the price of this upcoming console, but none of that might matter if we can’t actually find them on store shelves.