Paper Mario: The Origami King 60 FPS mod arrives on release day

Paper Mario: The Origami King 60 FPS mod has already arrived and the game hasn’t even been out for a day. If you’re not quite happy with the frame rate you’re getting with the new Paper Mario game, then this new mod shows us a level of fidelity that the Nintendo Switch hardware can’t quite manage.

As with many Switch games, Paper Mario: The Origami King doesn’t run at 60 FPS. Most Nintendo Switch games are in 30 FPS, but that’s tough to contend with for people who are used to higher framerates — and that led to the creation of this mod.

Unfortunately, this mod isn’t as easy to use for your average person. As noted on ResetEra, it won’t work with a standard, off-the-shelf Nintendo Switch. Even if a version of this mod does get made for the console, it probably wouldn’t be easy to set up, either.

Still, seeing a Nintendo game running at a smooth 60 FPS is pretty cool. For now, you can see the Paper Mario: The Origami King 60 FPS mod in action for yourself in the video below and bask in all the high framerate glory.