No, Banjo Kazooie remake ‘Banjo Redooie’ isn’t happening

Playtonic Games is not developing a Banjo Kazooie remake. It’s time to level those expectations for the July 23 Xbox Games Showcase. Playtonic Games has taken online to explain that it is not creating the rumored “Banjo Redooie” no matter how good the name might be. Just because Playtonic isn’t developing a Banjo Kazooie remake doesn’t mean no one is, however. Microsoft could ask Rare to develop a new game in the series, for example.

Playtonic Games took to Twitter to dispel yet another rumor that it is developing a Banjo Kazooie remake or a new game in the franchise. This has happened before. As you can see in the tweet below:

Playtonic explained that it is “not working on a Banjo game of any kind.” The development studio has also asked fans not to “pin hope” on the company.

Whether or not Microsoft has a Banjo Kazooie remake reveal up its sleeves, however, is another question. We’ll keep you up to date with anything revealed during the games showcase later on today. Let’s see what gets announced, just don’t expect Playtonic Games to be involved.