Halo Infinite grappling hook will be a game-changer for Master Chief

A rumored new gadget for Master Chief has finally been confirmed in the first Halo Infinite gameplay trailer that premiered at the Xbox Games Showcase. The Halo Infinite grappling hook is here, and it looks like it’s going to be a game-changer.

Halo Infinite’s Master Chief has a long history of using high-tech gadgets and guns to defeat mankind’s many enemies. The nature of warfare is all about innovating, and the Chief is getting a brand-new gadget to help in his fight against The Banished in the newest Halo game.

The Halo Infinite grappling hook is mounted to Master Chief’s left arm and works exactly as you’d expect — he can use it to pull himself up to higher ground simply by shooting it at a surface. As far as we can tell, it doesn’t look like you can shoot while grappling — but you can just as easily shoot the bad guys when you land.

Better movement is a neat new feature, but that’s not all this grappling hook lets you do. You can also use the grappling hook to latch onto enemies and pull yourself closer for a deadly finishing blow.

Halo Infinite grappling hook combat

The Halo Infinite gameplay trailer showed off plenty of classic weapons, but the use of the grappling hook in combat was one of the more surprising additions. Master Chief fights a handful of Banished who deploy from dropships, shooting their armor away and handily dispatching them. After he defeats the first group, one more enemy lands and comes after him.

Rather than simply shoot him, Master Chief uses his grappling hook to latch onto the enemy and pull himself closer. He executes a melee attack, but it fails to kill the enemy  — instead, he has to back off and shoot him from a distance.

This short bit of gameplay quickly demonstrates how the Halo Infinite grappling hook will be used best. If an enemy is nearly dead, it’s a great way to quickly move into position and finish the fight. If they still have health, though, you’ll run the risk of getting too close to a very dangerous enemy. If you’ve played Pathfinder in Apex Legends, you’re probably well prepared for this new tool in Halo Infinite.

You can check out the Halo Infinite grappling hook in the first-ever gameplay trailer below.