Domino’s Pizza throws shade at Halo Infinite’s ‘next-gen’ graphics

The reception to the Halo Infinite graphics has been somewhat mixed. Now, Domino’s Pizza is getting in on the action by throwing shade at the “next-gen” graphics of this upcoming game from 343 Industries.

“Don’t worry Chief, Domino’s always delivers” stated a tweet from Domino’s UK account on Twitter. The tweet showed an image of pizza split in half. The left side (labeled “current-gen” shows a pepperoni pizza in good form, but the “next-gen” side of the photo shows a pixelated mess.

The insinuation here seems to be that the next-gen Halo game is a downgrade as compared to the current-gen offerings; at the very least, it’s implying that it doesn’t look as good as it should.

Considering that we can’t even be sure that Halo was actually running on an Xbox Series X, the reception to the Halo Infinite graphics seen in videos and screenshots thus far shows that 343 Industries needs to bring out the big guns for launch day. Hopefully, they can pretty things up before that snarky Wendy’s girl gets in on the action.