Xbox Series X box art is reportedly a lot less awful

It looks like the Xbox Series X box art is going to be a lot less awful than we thought. The massive “Optimized for Xbox Series X” badge that took up a big chunk of the game’s cover is reportedly going to be removed.

“[The main] change is [the removal of the “Optimized for Xbox Series X”] logo on the front,” stated a tweet from Niki Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad. “Instead[,] there will be a mention on the back of the case that it is ‘Optimised for Series X’.”

The change (as seen in our header image) is certainly very noticeable. Presumably most (if not all) games for Microsoft’s next-gen console would be optimized for the Xbox Series X and a massive green hexagon wouldn’t have done much good for the box art.

Xbox Series X box art certainly looks better, although the changes aren’t exactly what we’ll see; in this case, the image shared by Daniel Ahmad is a mock-up as he’s unable to share actual pre-release assets just yet. One thing’s for sure: the game boxes look a heck of a lot better without that massive, unnecessary logo on the front anymore.