Temtem puts ‘Pokemon’ on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch next year [Update: PS4, Xbox One canceled]

Update: Humble Games PR has told us that Crema is no longer developing the Temtem on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Temtem is dropping its support for PS4 and Xbox One, so it won’t be releasing on those platforms. The team is fully focusing their efforts on bringing the best possible game experience to players on the newest hardware.”

Original story follows.

Sony’s consoles have obviously never been blessed with a Pokemon game and they likely never will. However, developer Crema is changing at least some of that by announcing that MMORPG Temtem is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch in 2021. No exact date was given. Also the wording of the press release insinuates that the PS5 version is coming first, but it remains unclear.

The official Twitter account did not tweet about the announcement, but the team wrote something up on the PlayStation Blog following the show. In it, the studio talked about the game online multiplayer, focus on community, inspirations, and more.

The game originally came out in early access in January 2020 on PC. Crema is still adding to the game and even recently patched in a new island.

The game also previously announced to be coming to consoles, but this is the first time it has been confirmed for the next generation of systems. However, as you can see in our updated, the game is no longer coming to those previously the announced current gen  the Xbox One and PS4.