Ryan Reynolds stans for AbleGamers Charity in hilarious promo

Image credit: AbleGamers

A hilarious Ryan Reynolds AbleGamers has popped up online, detailing a new fundraiser for a charity that helps disabled gamers enjoy our hobby just like the rest of us.

“My friend Steve Spohn asked me to jump in and help spread the word about this incredible initiative that he’s involved with,” Ryan Reynolds said in the promo video. “But, full disclosure, he did offer to pay me the 278 million dollar speaking fee that I’ve been accustomed to.”

Reynolds went on to explain a bit about the AbleGamers mission before the charity’s COO Steven Spohn jumped in to detail its mission. AbleGamers, simply put, is a charity that helps people with disabilities game just like the rest of us.

Their mission is accomplished by providing custom controller setups and specialized software. As AbleGamers’ FAQ notes, some of these setups can get quite expensive: the average cost of a grant to help out a disabled gamer with new tech is $350 and some cases can go as high as $5,000.

You can watch the hilarious (and heartwarming) Ryan Reynolds AbleGamers promo below. US residents can make a tax-deductible donation to a great cause via Network For Good.