Twitch streamer Steven Spohn wins a game of Fall Guys… with a hat

Twitch streamer Steven Spohn has won a game of Fall Guys in a rather unusual way — he didn’t use a keyboard or a controller. Instead, he did it using a special Fall Guys hat controller.

The magic moment took place on a recent livestream where he was doing his best to win a game of Mediatonic and Devolver Digital’s party Battle Royale game. He had his ups and downs, but he came awfully close in one Fall Mountain match with just one other person competing with him. After a tense freeze-frame moment, it was revealed that he just barely won the game!

Winning a game of Fall Guys isn’t particularly special (unless you’re TimTheTatman), but the way in which Spohn got his win was especially interesting. Steven Spohn is the COO of AbleGamers, the charity that recently benefitted from the Fall Guys Battle of the Brands drive. He’s a disabled gamer himself and made use of a specialized Fall Guys hat controller to play the game.

According to Spohn, the hat controller makes use of infrared sensors to track his head movement. This allowed him to navigate the various perils of a Fall Guys show pretty darn well — so well, in fact, that he was able to score a coveted Crown using this specialized controller. Check out the magic moment for yourself below!