Official Fall Guys toys and plushies bring the beans to life

Moose Toys is producing a range of official Fall Guys toys, plushies, and collectibles. Fans have been waiting to get their hands on bean-themed merchandise for a while now, and the time is finally approaching. The hugely popular multiplayer game features lovably clumsy characters, which will now become huggable plushies and more.

Official Fall Guys toys, plushies, and collectibles for sale

Official Fall Guys toys

Mediatonic, Devolver Digital, and Moose Toys will launch a “full range” of Fall Guys products in the future. This range will include figures, collectibles, premium plush, and more. There’s been no announcement on stockists or a release date yet, though additional announcements will follow.

As the official Fall Guys merch gets closer to launch, “additional elements about the range” will be revealed. Hopefully, fans will get a look at some of the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout statues and collectibles at that point in time.

Currently, Moose Toys has only showcased its upcoming plushies. They appear above in small, medium, and large sizes; of course, they also showcase some of the available costumes. Fall Guys’ Raptor skin and Pidgeon outfit are on display, alongside a nude bean showing off its winning ways with a nifty crown.

It’s possible that more costumes and sizes will be available to choose from come release day, though right now, only time will tell. Either way, these plushies are something to keep in mind for any ultimate Fall Guys fan.

According to Dave Bailey, co-founder of Mediatonic, the initial inspiration behind Fall Guys’ bean characters was a vinyl toy. It could be a nice nod if one of the proposed figures was based on that trendsetting bean.

The recent launch of Fall Guys Season 4 saw its Steam player base more than triple for a while. That success came not long after Epic Games’ Mediatonic buyout, making the launch of this new toy line akin to icing on the cake.

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