Fall Guys Season 4 launch nearly quadruples player count

Today’s launch of Fall Guys Season 4 nearly quadrupled the concurrent number of players on PC via Steam. Despite many branding the intentionally clumsy platformer as a “dead game” online, seemingly, these beans are still alive and kicking. While the Fall Guys Steam charts paint a clear picture, unfortunately, Sony isn’t as transparent when it comes to gauging the number of active PlayStation users.

Fall Guys Steam Charts: Season 4 more than triples player numbers

Fall Guys Steam charts

The fourth seasonal Fall Guys update introduces a futuristic setting to the multiplayer title. After downloading the free patch, players gain access to seven new rounds that serve to shake up the familiar gameplay. Of course, there are also new outfits, emotes, and even more in-game cosmetics to earn throughout the event. All of these goodies appear to have done their intended job, bringing players back to check out the new Fall Guys 4041 content.

Fall Guys’ Steam charts show that the Season 4 launch achieved a peak of 21,745 concurrent players. The game hit that milestone at 2 pm, more than tripling the number of active players (5,828 concurrents) at 9 am the same morning. Typically, player numbers begin to rise around 9 am and peak in the early afternoon. That’s also true here, though today’s drastic increase marks the most active Fall Guys players yet in 2021.

If the data is comparable on PlayStation — where there should, in theory, be more players due to the PS+ giveaway — Fall Guys is still enjoying a healthy user base. Of course, it’s important to note that Xbox and Nintendo Switch ports are on the way as well. Following Epic Games’ purchase of developer Mediatonic, presumably, there’s also an EGS launch for PC in the works.

Still, there’s a long way to go for Fall Guys to reclaim its former glory. The game’s all-time peak for concurrent Steam users is an astronomical 172,026.

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