Loop Hero mod speeds up the game, brings unexpected side effects

As with most hit PC titles, the Loop Hero player base is looking to augment the game with mods. There are downloadable modifications and even a Loop Hero cheat engine, but one upgrade doesn’t require any new installs. By editing the .ini game file, players are increasing the game speed to complete runs in record time. Unfortunately, however, that trick comes with negative consequences.

Are mods and the Loop Hero cheat engine safe to use?

Loop Hero cheat engine

Four Quarters’ Loop Hero is an instant indie darling; the game is only available on PC right now, but already over 500,000 copies have sold. Following its success, the dev team detailed its future update plans. There’s also a desire to release mobile and console versions at a later date. In the meantime, though, users are looking to expand the current suite of content with third-party solutions.

Loop Hero is an offline single-player game, which means there’s no risk to downloading, installing, and using legitimate mods and cheat engines. Modifying the existing .ini game file can cause some serious gameplay issues, however. Editing the Loop Hero game files can reportedly break player health regen, enemy spawns, and the necromancer character class.

By altering the Loop Hero .ini file to speed up gameplay, players essentially make the necro class a ticking time bomb. Summons can begin dying so fast that their death animations aren’t over in time for the necromancer to re-summon them. Without an undead horde of skeletons to do their bidding, the necromancer will auto-attack enemies and most likely die in the process.

This unfortunate side effect is ending many players’ runs, sometimes when they have numerous completed loops. Fortunately, getting back to that point will be relatively quick with the .ini speed mod — using a different class this time, of course.

Interested in checking Loop Hero out? Here’s a legit way to download the delisted demo and play the free trial via Steam.