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Where has the Loop Hero demo gone on Steam?

Loop Hero is an incredibly hot game right now, but before jumping in with both feet, some players are looking to try the free trial first. There’s just one problem with that — the Loop Hero demo is missing. So, what gives? Why has the demo gone from the Steam store page on PC? Here’s the need-to-know for those looking to play the popular RPG Roguelike’s free demo.

Can you still download the Loop Hero demo?

Loop Hero demo

Ahead of the game’s release, a free Loop Hero demo was available to download and play on Steam. It allowed players to get an early look at the title before the post-launch hype took hold. Now that there’s more demand than ever, however, the trial build has disappeared from the Steam storefront.

Users can still download, install, and play the Loop Hero demo using the Steam Database (Steam DB). The Loop Hero trial hasn’t been available directly from the Steam store page since the game launched on March 4, 2021. Neither developer Four Quarters nor publisher Devolver Digital has given an official explanation for its apparent delisting at this time.

How to download and install the delisted Loop Hero demo on Steam

  1. Visit the Loop Hero demo Steam DB page.
  2. Click the “Install” button in the top right corner.
  3. Click “Open Steam Client Bootstrapper” when prompted.
  4. Select the “Next” button on the official Steam client installation window.
  5.  The Loop Hero demo will now install.

The Loop Hero demo file size is just 64 MB, so the installation should complete very quickly. Once the trial has finished installing, simply navigate to the “Library” tab and launch it from there.

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For anyone that enjoys the Loop Hero demo but would prefer to play on a console, here’s the latest on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch ports.

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