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Loop Hero Mobile: Is there an Android and iPhone release date?

Loop Hero is an immensely popular PC game, but it’d also be right at home on mobile. The idle RPG is already playable with just one hand, which has people calling for a portable Loop Hero mobile port. But, will publisher Devolver Digital and developer Four Quarters bring the game to Android and iPhone? Here’s the latest on a smartphone and tablet app for Android and iOS users.

Is a Loop Hero Android version coming to mobile?

Loop Hero mobile Android

As with many Roguelikes, Loop Hero is fiendishly addictive. A lot of players have trouble pulling themselves away from their PC monitors, though a mobile version would address that. Launching on Android smart devices would let users continue their adventures on the go, squeezing just one more run (honest) in whenever presented with the chance.

Four Quarters hopes to launch a Loop Hero Android version in the future. In response to a fan asking about a potential Loop Hero mobile port, a dev stated that the team will “try to port the game to many platforms, including mobile!” At the time of writing, there’s still no Loop Hero mobile release date for Android.

The developer response (via Steam) originated in January. At that time, Loop Hero hadn’t yet attained its monumental success. Though the response was somewhat noncommittal, it’s likely that the team now has the necessary resources to make a mobile version for Android happen.

Is a Loop Hero iPhone version coming to mobile?

Loop Hero mobile iPhone iOS

The developers are keen to produce a Loop Hero iPhone version for the Apple App Store. When asked about a potential Loop Hero mobile application, Four Quarters said that it will “try to port the game to many platforms.” Naturally, that includes iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. There isn’t currently a Loop Hero iOS release date to speak of, though.

Since “many platforms” are in the developers’ sights, there could also be Loop Hero console versions on the way. In addition to the game reaching new platforms, the existing PC version will continue to receive support. In celebration of reaching 500,000 sales, the team recently shared its upcoming content plans.

Wanna try before buying? Although the Loop Hero Steam demo has been delisted, there is still a legit way to download the trial.