Loop Hero sells 500,000 copies in first week, devs detail future updates

Loop Hero is the latest indie game to see massive success, selling over 500,000 copies in its first week on the market. The reception for the game has been overwhelmingly positive, so much so that players are clamoring for more. Now that the game has launched, fans want to know if there’s a Loop Hero roadmap that details future updates.

Is there a roadmap for Loop Hero updates?

Loop Hero Roadmap Updates Future

So far, the developers of Loop Hero haven’t released a roadmap detailing future patches for the game. This isn’t unusual, especially for devs who create updates based on community feedback. On the Steam blog announcing 500,000 copies sold, Four Quarters, the studio behind Loop Hero, stated:

“Next up, we’re working on patches with quality-of-life updates you all asked for, including a system for saving during expeditions, new speed settings, and a deck of traits gained from bosses! After that, you can expect to see lots more content added to the game, such as new cards, transformations, classes, and new music. We can’t wait to share more updates with you all soon!”

However, the devs shared another sentiment just before the game launched a week ago:

“We have no plan.

We do the whole game along the path of “random ideas that can work well”.

The game will definitely be updated in the coming year, but we will not say any specific things since we do not know ourselves. I can only say one thing – there are a lot of cool ideas. So no one will be disappointed.”

So, instead of having a long-term plan for the game, Four Quarters seems to be content to release updates while listening to the community. There’s no word yet on when the next Loop Hero update will release, but it probably won’t be too long.

Loop Hero seems to be quite the sensation, just like Valheim has been. It’s great to see indie developers having such success, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store next for Loop Hero.