Fall Guys Jump Showdown will return in first post-launch update

Fall Guys Jump Showdown will be a new game mode for players making its debut very soon! The first Fall Guys post-launch update will bring back this beloved game mode from the beta along with a few other things for players to enjoy.

What is Fall Guys Jump Showdown? As the name implies, it’s basically an amped-up version of the Jump Club game. If you don’t quite remember, that’s the game with the two spinning poles that requires you to time your jumps so you don’t get knocked off of the platform.

Jump Showdown, however, is going to be much more challenging for one special reason: this will be a new way for players to win a crown. If you absolutely suck at making it uphill in the final level, you might find that you have better luck with Jump Shodown.

Fall Guys Jump Showdown falling

It’s not going to be easy, mind you — Fall Guys Jump Showdown adds some new challenges to make it even harder. One obvious change is the moving beams are now gold in color, but that’s not what you’ll be worried about: the floor is also going to fall away piece by piece, making this challenging game even harder. If you survive, you can win yourself a crown!

The addition of Jump Showdown brings what will be the first of many new levels to the game, something that Fall Guys desperately needed. The lucky few players in the beta already have a feel for it, but that won’t matter much when you actually get into the competition.

Other things will be arriving as part of this new Fall Guys update, too. A rare bug prevented players from grabbing the crown in Fall Mountain, but Mediatonic thinks that they’ve got it licked now. A bunch of other improvements and changes are on the way, too — we’ll get to see all of this new content firsthand when Fall Guys Jump Showdown debuts on August 12, 2020.