Dark Alliance cheats and mods enable god mode, teleportation, and one-hit kills

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance is a little rough around the edges, to say the least, which has some users injecting their own fun via console commands and mods. Inputting the D&D: Dark Alliance cheats lets players become invincible, teleport to desired locations, kill any enemy in a single hit, and much more. Utilizing them does require the use of third-party software, however, meaning that players do so at their own risk.

How to use cheats in Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance

Dark Alliance cheats

Here’s how to use Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance cheats and console commands:

  1. Download and install Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker (UUU)
  2. Launch the Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance PC application
  3. Open UUU, then, under the “General” tab, select the game’s process and inject the DLL
  4. Return to the D&D: Dark Alliance app and check for a pop-up acknowledging that UUU is working
  5. Press the tilde (~) key during gameplay to access the Dark Alliance console commands screen

After completing the above steps, enter the following D&D: Dark Alliance console commands to activate the corresponding cheats:

All Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance cheats list

  • god — God mode, making the player invincible
  • DamageTarget # — Deals the specified damage number to a target
  • teleport — Instantly teleport to the location a character is aiming at
  • sg.PostProcessQuality 0 — Unobscure the in-game map
  • timespeed # — Depending on the input number: slow down, speed up, or stop time altogether
  • toggledebugcamera — Fly around the game world using a free camera
  • pause — Pause and unpause active gameplay
  • kill — Kills the character and returns players to the spawn point
  • stat fps — Enable and disable the on-screen FPS display
  • stat unit — Enable and disable the on-screen frametimes display
  • showdebug — Enable and disable the on-screen coordinates display

There are no conventional D&D: Dark Alliance mods just yet, though some players are using memory editors to modify their stats. If utilizing any of these cheats, do not venture online; it could ruin the experience for other players and/or result in an account ban.

It’s not too surprising that users are resorting to modding the game files when there’s a known D&D: Dark Alliance character wipe bug. There’s no fix there, though, fortunately, it is possible to disable the intrusive Dark Alliance screen shake in-game.

(Via: MGW)