No, your Dark Alliance pre-order and Deluxe Edition skins aren’t missing

The latest Dungeons & Dragons co-op game is out today, but players have been reporting their Dark Alliance pre-order and Deluxe Edition skins missing. Players have been complaining that the Dark Alliance Beholder weapon set and Lich weapon set aren’t showing and that there is no Skins tab in the equip menu. It’s most likely the Dark Alliance weapon skins aren’t missing, but the game doesn’t make it clear where to find them. Here’s a guide.

Dark Alliance pre-order and Deluxe Edition skins not showing fix

Dark Alliance pre-order and Deluxe Edition skins missing

To fix the Dark Alliance pre-order and Deluxe Edition skins not showing, players must ensure they are looking in the right place.

It’s likely that the pre-order and Deluxe Edition weapon skins aren’t missing, they simply aren’t appearing. Dark Alliance sadly does not make this very clear. For starters, these so-called “weapon sets” are actually skins for other weapons, not equipable weapons. Furthermore, not every weapon can have the Beholder or Lich weapon skin applied to it, even if the ‘Skins’ option appears. The starter weapons for each character, for example, cannot have the skins applied, and that trips a lot of players up.

Beyond that, in order to get the skins in the first place, head to the merchant and check out the Transmog menu. If it says that no equipment has skins available, then the likely issue is that the player only has the default weapons or weapons that can’t use the skins. It seems like none of the starting area weapons can have the skins applied — wait until a later enemy drops a weapon, then head back to the merchant and the Skins tab, it should hopefully give the option and show the skin.

Be advised that only the Beholder weapon set is a pre-order bonus, but the Digital Deluxe version of Dark Alliance should get that and the Lich weapon skin set. Just make sure to get the hefty 15 GB Day One patch when installing the game, otherwise there may still be a game-breaking bug in one of the missions. However, don’t expect to see Dark Alliance on Switch, as it’s not available on Nintendo’s portable console right now.