Dark Alliance’s character wipe bug is threatening players’ progress

Image Credit: u/Calaun_Endeem

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance is enduring a rocky launch, though the D&D ARPG might’ve just received its biggest blow yet. According to one Redditor, who bears evidence, there’s a Dark Alliance character wipe glitch. This devastating bug completely resets the current character’s level, gear, and abilities. Even worse, the character is also now incapable of using abilities and/or consumable items. Essentially, this renders the active save file totally useless.

Is there a Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance character wipe glitch fix

Dark Alliance character wipe glitch

Image Credit: u/Calaun_Endeem

Players that encounter the D&D: Dark Alliance character wipe bug will need to wait on a future patch containing a fix. The developer is releasing frequent updates, so hopefully, the Dark Alliance progress wipe glitch won’t be around much longer.

The Redditor in question, u/Calaun_Endeem, shared several screenshots to illustrate the issue. After defeating a boss while playing with friends, this unlucky player re-entered the hub area to discover a character reset. Having been at level 10 before and during the mission, afterward, Calaun_Endeem’s Wolfgar build was a lowly level 1.

Unfortunately, there’s no known solution to the D&D: Dark Alliance character reset problem. Since the character remains botched and unable to use abilities or items, the best course of action is seemingly to start a new build altogether. That said, it might be worth holding off on deleting the buggy save slot as a new patch could salvage it.

Developer Tuque Games is already patching the game to alleviate some game-breaking glitches. That could be a positive sign of things to come, though for now, be aware that playing Dark Alliance might carry a risk of losing progress.

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance has its fair share of other issues, too. Parties are disbanding after mission completion, there’s distracting screen shake, and players can’t find their pre-order bonuses. Fortunately, however, each of these issues is solvable — just click the relevant link(s) for details.