How to fix Dark Alliance disconnected after mission bug

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance is at its best during co-op play, though, thanks to a disconnection bug, it can feel like the opposite is true. The D&D: Dark Alliance disconnected after mission glitch disbands parties after they complete a mission. This is a major inconvenience, leaving users in search of a quick and easy fix. Here’s the latest on the post-mission disconnect issue in Tuque Games’ online ARPG.

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance disconnected after mission fix

Dark Alliance disconnected after mission glitch

It may be possible to fix the Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance disconnected after mission bug by avoiding cross-platform multiplayer. Some users are speculating that crossplay is the cause of the new D&D game’s disconnection issue, so try to avoid it.

Dark Alliance supports crossplay between Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. There’s also cross-gen play between PS5 and PS4 for PlayStation users. The post-mission disconnects seem to be most prevalent on Xbox and PC, which is why some believe cross-platform interactions trigger the issue.

Unfortunately, there is no way to disable cross-platform and/or cross-gen play within D&D: Dark Alliance. As a workaround, users need to host private matches and invite players on the same platform. Although this is inconvenient, it’s arguably less so than needing to reassemble the party after each and every mission.

There’s been no confirmation that this is a surefire fix, so the mileage may vary. Hopefully, the dev team is aware of the issue and already working on a solution. The developers have been pretty quick to act so far, issuing a large update on launch day to crush a progress-halting bug.

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