New Nintendo Switch Lite makes fans miss the GameCube

A new blue Nintendo Switch Lite has drawn comparisons with the GameCube, as Nintendo has unveiled a new version of the handheld console that is remarkably similar to its beloved retro system.

The blue Switch Lite has been unveiled by the company today, with it promptly seeing ‘GameCube’ trending worldwide as viewers pointed out its similarity to the old console. While it’s bluer in tone than the GameCube’s trademark purple, its grey analog sticks and buttons are still reminiscent of the console and its famous controller.

Blue Nintendo Switch Lite ‘GameCube Edition’ release date

The blue Nintendo Switch Lite, which has been dubbed its ‘GameCube Edition’ by some fans, is set for release on May 21, 2021. It will retail for $199.99, and will release separately to Miitopia, which also launches on the same day.

But while the announcement of the new Switch Lite immediately got people talking about the GameCube, others pointed out the differences between the console’s colors and noted how fans seem to be misremembering the design of the 2001 console.

The initial color of the GameCube was initially referred to as indigo by Nintendo, though was more purple than it was blue. The new blue Switch Lite is, as its description suggests, blue.

Here’s the GameCube for reference:

gamecube color

And here’s the new blue Switch Lite:

nintendo switch lite gamecube edition

Although both consoles aren’t exactly world’s apart in terms of their appearance, they’re also clearly not the same color. Some have even pointed out how the new Switch Lite has more in common with the Game Boy Advance:

Nintendo fans are always on board with new Switch special editions, and while it’s unfortunate that there isn’t a bundle that packages the new blue Switch Lite with Miitopia, plenty will still likely want to get their hands on this new color variant. Buyers will be able to pick it up next month, with pre-orders yet to go live.

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