PS5 games will soon be playable on PS4

PS5 consoles are still incredibly hard to come by, though PS4 owners will soon be able to experience next-gen games on their old hardware. A major PlayStation 5 system update is releasing tomorrow, and one of the biggest new features is cross-gen Share Play support. This will allow users to play PS5 games on PS4 via interactive gameplay streaming, provided they have a friend to host them.

How to play next-gen PS5 games on PS4

Play PS5 games on PS4

Here’s how to play next-generation PS5 games on PS4:

  1. Create a Share Play session on PS5
    • Press the PS button and navigate to the “Game Base” tab
    • Press Square to create a party, then select the desired friend
    • Select the “Voice Chat” option and confirm
    • Select “View Voice Chat” and then select “Start Share Play” (must be in-game)
  2. The PS4 player will receive a notification, which they must accept
  3. After successfully accepting the invite, the PlayStation 4 user is now controlling a PS5 game

While this is a great way for users to trial the PlayStation 5 console and its games, it’s important to note that the experience may not be entirely true to life. There could be input lag, loss of image quality, and, of course, the PS4 controller doesn’t boast any of the fancy new DualSense technology.

The latest PlayStation 5 system update, which is due out tomorrow, will introduce more than just cross-generational Share Play functionality. Users will finally be able to store next-gen games on external drives, plus numerous quality of life upgrades are also on the way. It’s all detailed in the PS5 April update patch notes.

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