What is the Xbox Series X restock time? Is the XSX in stock today, April 12

Hopeful buyers are wondering “when does the Xbox Series X restock today?” with news that the new Xbox console may be going back in stock this week. So, where is the XSX going back in stock this week, and at what time will buyers be able to purchase it? Here’s what the Xbox Series X tracker accounts have to say.

When is the Xbox Series X restock today?

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The Xbox Series X is predicted to be back in stock throughout this week on Friday, April 16 at Best Buy. The retailer typically restocks consoles on Fridays, so it’s expected to follow the same pattern here. Expect stock to go live between 11 AM–12 PM EDT, as is usually the case.

There is also speculation that the likes of Target and Walmart will carry stock this week, though it’s unclear on which days this is predicted to happen.

In order to secure an Xbox Series X, buyers will have to navigate to the Best Buy Xbox Series X page link below that will take them to the console’s listing. At 11 AM EDT, it’s predicted the hardware will be made available for sale. Users will typically be required to wait in an online queue to be in with a chance of securing their purchase, so expect long wait times and the potential that the console will be sold out before you’ll be able to checkout with the console.

Unfortunately, a global issue with the production of computer chips during the pandemic has caused major manufacturing delays for both Microsoft and Sony. As a result, few Xbox Series X consoles have been made available for sale since launch. While this problem is expected to ease up throughout the year, this makes the console a prime target for scalpers, who are typically first-in-line to purchase highly sought-after hardware as soon as it goes live. You’ll therefore need to be quick if you wish to pick one up this week.

Xbox Series X stock tracker

Below is a list of the retailers that most regularly carry new Xbox Series X stock:

While Best Buy is expected to have stock, Target and Walmart are also predicted to follow suit. Amazon is currently unknown.

Alternatively, if the PS5 is the console you’ve got your eye on, you can check out its restock time and location right here.