New PS5 update will finally let players store next-gen games on external drives

The PS5 has a storage problem, though the console’s first major system update looks set to help address that. Tomorrow, Sony will roll out a new PlayStation 5 update including several notable changes. Undoubtedly the most significant new feature is the ability to transfer next-gen games to external USB storage drives. Also included are features like cross-generation Share Play between PS5 and PS4, upgrades to built-in social features, and much more.

PS5 system update patch notes (April 14)

PS5 update patch notes for April 14

Here are the full PS5 update patch notes for April 14, 2021:

  • PS5 storage expansion and management
    • Store PlayStation 5 games on compatible external USB drives
  • New social features for PS5 and PS4 consoles
    • Cross-gen Share Play between PlayStation 5 and 4
    • New “Request to Join” option for online friends
  • Enhanced control and personalization options for PS5
    • Improved Game Base provides quicker access to parties
    • Disable game chat and adjust players’ volume
    • Game update pre-download, where supported by developers
    • New Game Library search and hide game options
    • Customizable screen zoom
    • New trophy stats screen and ability to customize trophy capture settings

It’s important to note that, much like next-gen Xbox Series X|S games on external storage, titles must be transferred back to the internal PS5 SSD in order to play them. This is because PlayStation 5 games utilize the console’s custom ultra-high-speed SSD and wouldn’t function correctly running from conventional USB storage.

Cross-generational Share Play is a great new feature for PS4 players that haven’t yet got their hands on a PS5. As of tomorrow’s update, it’ll be possible for PlayStation 5 owners to let their friends on PS4 try next-gen games via Share Play streaming.

All of the details relating to the latest PS5 system update are available via the PlayStation Blog.

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