Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy is coming to Fortnite as a new skin

Fortnite will be adding a Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy skin to the game, with the protagonist of the open-world game set to make her debut in Epic Games’ battle royale. The new skin has been found as a result of a new datamine, with Aloy also reportedly set to have her own limited-time mode where she will seemingly team up with Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft.

The character model for the upcoming Aloy skin has yet to be revealed, though dataminers have already unearthed some key information. Seemingly set to be added to the game as part of its new ‘Primal’ theme, Aloy will have her own limited-time mode (LTM) that will see players team the HZD heroine up with Lara Croft.

Dataminers have reportedly uncovered several pieces of info related to the LTM.”Use loot from wildlife and technology to upgrade your weapons,” an unearthed description reads, while it also notes that all weapons in the mode can be upgraded to legendary quality, and that they’ll have to keep an eye out for wildlife lurking in the bushes. It seems that more animals are set to be added to the mode — perhaps Horizon’s mechanical beasts will make their debut, too?

Fortnite x Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy skin release date

The Fortnite Aloy skin is seemingly set to debut as part of Fortnite Season 6, meaning that it should be revealed and officially debuted within the next few weeks. No set release date has yet been given.

Fortnite has added a ton of iconic characters to its roster recently, with Aloy looking set to join an expansive cast that includes the likes of the aforementioned Lara Croft, Kratos, Marvel’s Avengers, and more. Aloy should fit in perfectly with the game’s new Primal theme, with it also sure to drum up additional interest for the upcoming Horizon Forbidden Dawn, which is scheduled for release at some point this year.

In other Fortnite news, the game also added a 50-player Creative mode with its latest patch. Apex Legends also received a leak of its own, with a new weapon being unveiled for the game.