Fall Guys charity skin drive raises over a million dollars

Given its success, every company and streamer wanted a piece of the Fall Guys pie and constantly tweeted out designs for skins wearing their branding. Mediatonic didn’t bow to any of the requests, but, instead of closing itself off entirely, it decided to hold a charity drive to appease some overzealous brands and give back. That Fall Guys charity skin drive has finally wrapped up, and it ended up raising over a million dollars for the Special Effect charity.

The infamous Fall Guys Twitter account tweeted out the news and revealed who came out on top. Ninja and YouTuber MrBeast made the cut as well as esports organization G2 Esports and PC first-person shooter training program Aim Lab were the four entities that donated the most. Each will get their own costume in the game at some undetermined point in the future. Hopefully, they will make it for Season 2, which is just around the corner.

Ninja put out his own video about “winning,” talking about his positive experience with the charity and how all four are planning a stream together. Donations from that stream will also go to Special Effect. G2 told players to “stay tuned” for the stream while also tweeting out some, er, very rough mock-ups of the four skins. It’s likely that the MrBeast one will look different, but it is Fall Guys, after all.

Of course, Special Effect showed its gratefulness for the donations. In a tweet, the charity thanked each of the four and said that their “generosity will enable [them] to continue making gaming dreams come true for people with physical disabilities around the world.”

These donations come at an optimal time for Special Effect. It faced hardships because of the current pandemic and “[faced] a significant reduction in funding,” according to a press release on the official website. Founder and CEO of Special Effect, Dr. Mick Donegan, expressed his gratitude for Fall Guys‘ big, collaborative donation and described where the money is going.

“It will enable us to continue an uninterrupted service for the many people with severe physical disabilities and developers around the world who are asking for our help in ever greater numbers year on year,” he said. “What’s more, the demands on our services are rising even more rapidly as a result of the auction itself. Bring it on!”