Fall Guys needs these crossover skins

Fall Guys has quickly been the type of hit that’s garnered love from all sorts of unlikely sources. Fast food chains, chair makers, and draconian retail stores have all wanted in on the tumbly action. And given the game’s focus on cosmetics, these desired crossovers could easily show up in the game as wearable costumes. But what Fall Guys crossover skins deserve to actually hit the store and grace the silly party royale?

Fall Guys Crossover Skins Wish List | God of War

The PC version of Fall Guys already has two exclusive skin packs: one from Half-Life and another from Team Fortress 2. Platform-exclusive costumes can be a great way to celebrate said platform, but not when some are left out. Sony needs a few in there as well.

While there are plenty of good candidates like Ratchet or Nathan Drake, Kratos from God of War would be an excellent choice. He represents the Sony consoles well and would serve as yet another M-rated mascot that benefits from a cute, E-rated makeover. Fall Boys, it is.

Fall Guys Crossover Skins Wish List | Cyberpunk 2077

Fall Guys Cyberpunk 2077 crossover The Witcher 3 rats

It started as a Twitter joke from the Fall Guys’ eccentric senior community manager, but the Cyberpunk 2077 collaboration sort of has to happen as the point. Fans have made some excellent mock-ups of Geralt, which would also be a solid inclusion, but coinciding with the release of the upcoming futuristic RPG feels more appropriate.

There are plenty of ways to get V into bean-appropriate attire (although it may be difficult to convey such a customizable protagonist), but a general cyberpunk aesthetic would probably be more than enough, as long as CD Projekt Red gets its official stamp on it. That coat with the blue neon collar may be a good starting point.

Fall Guys Crossover Skins Wish List | Super Mario

Mediatonic has expressed desire to bring the game to the Switch (and other platforms, too) and if this happens, the team has to get some Nintendo faces in there. There are a multitude of amazing choices, but Mario and his crew would likely be the best. Animal Crossing initially seems like a great idea, given the continued fervor surrounding New Horizons, but overalls and a hat is more iconic than… well, whatever the residents on your Animal Crossing island wear.

It’s also Mario’s 35th anniversary so, granted the Switch port happens before the calendar switches to 2021, it would be a wonderful celebration of the mustachioed plumber. Although it would be odd to control Mario in a game where you flop over in every jump. He has never been this clumsy, but that’s all the more reason to smash these two games together.

Fall Guys Crossover Skins Wish List | Mortal Kombat

Fall Guys needs these crossover skins

Mortal Kombat has some of gaming’s most recognizable characters. Its multiple flavors of ninja would not only work for that reason, but also because of their simple designs. The mask, hood, and tabard can easily fit right into Fall Guys’ costume system and even have distinct top and bottom halves.

Fans have even made convincing Fall Guys mock-ups of the many early Mortal Kombat characters, which Ed Boon himself even tweeted out. These characters have died violently for decades so it would nice to see them perish through more innocent and slapstick ways.

Fall Guys Crossover Skins Wish List | My Friend Pedro

Fall Guys needs these crossover skins

Devolver already put Jacket from Hotline Miami in the game so the next natural step would be go a little bit bananas and include My Friend Pedro. The titular Pedro would be exactly the skin that would work in Fall Guys as it’s just goofy enough to work. Sure the banana skin is rather basic, but it has to come with the face with the clueless half-smile. It really brings the whole costume together.

Fall Guys Crossover Skins Wish List | Get Well Gamers

Fall Guys needs these crossover skins

While KFC, Walmart, GT Omega, and more companies have tweeted at Fall Guys with their own designs, they probably would feel more like corporations trying to jam their Brand™ into everything if they actually made their way into the game. However, Get Well Gamers, a charity that tweeted out its own Fall Guy creation, would be a brand worth actually putting in because of the nobility of the cause.

Get Well Gamers gives gaming consoles to hospitals and Fall Guys could even work that giving spirit into the skin itself. Like other charity skins before it, it would be excellent if the proceeds actually went to the cause in question. Players get a new skin with a solid design and kids get to play games in hospitals. It’s a feel-good win-win.