New Mercy Skin in Overwatch Announced as Blizzard Partners With BCRF for Breast Cancer Awareness Charity

Overwatch has had plenty of seasonal skins but never a charity skin. Until now. Blizzard’s new partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) has coalesced in the form of a new Mercy skin promoting breast cancer awareness. The eye-catching, pink outfit will be available from now until May 21st for $14.99 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

While the price may elicit sticker shock for anyone looking for a new costume for their favorite healer, 100% of the proceeds will be going to the BCRF, according to Blizzard. The minimum amount of money Blizzard will give is $250,000 which, given Overwatch‘s popularity, seems like a relatively modest goal. They will announce the total proceeds raised at an undecided time after the event ends on May 21st.

Overwatch New Mercy Skin: How to Support the BCRF Through Blizzard

In addition the Pink Mercy Skin, Blizzard will also be selling a pink shirt on their store and running charity streams. These streams will feature prominent influencers and will give players the ability to unlock unique player icons and sprays in Overwatch that will benefit breast cancer research. Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s Game Director and Lead Designer, detailed Blizzard’s reasons for joining the cause in a solemn Developer Update.

“We’ve decided to partner with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to try to make a difference,” said Kaplan. “As you know in Overwatch, Mercy is a symbol of helping and healing and therefore we’ve decided to introduce a brand new Mercy skin called Pink Mercy today.”

According to the BCRF’s website, they are the world’s highest rated breast cancer organization in the United States. Evelyn Lauder, who passed away in 2011, started the foundation in 1993. Since then, they have raised over a $500 million for research, a number Overwatch will help contribute to.

“The world needs heroes now more than ever and we thank you so much for joining us in this cause,” said Kaplan as he signed off on the newest Developer Update.