New Battle Royale Game Crazy Justice Can Cross-Play on Nintendo Switch

Are you a Nintendo Switch player who just has to play some battle royale with their buddies on Xbox One and PC? For now, Fortnite can’t quite scratch that itch: enter stage right, Crazy Justice.

As revealed in a (literal) side-by-side video from developers Black Riddles Studios, Crazy Justice is going to not only be the first battle royale game to utilize cross-play on Switch, but the first battle royale game on Switch. Period.

While the gameplay looks nothing out of the ordinary – though starting off with a weapon is a twist that is sure to be the topic of some heated conversation – it seems like the perfect go-to stopgap while Fortnite is still too busy making millions to sort out a Switch release.

The battle royale map itself clocks in at 1.5 x 1.5 miles, making it one of the smaller battle royale locations, though split-screen battle royale is a feature that definitely shouldn’t be sniffed at, even if I know you’ll cheat by looking at my side of the screen. Yes, you.

Battle royale isn’t the only trick up the sleeve of Crazy Justice. Not by a long shot. As you can see from their pledge page on Fig, there are various heroes for players to get to grips with, as well as touch and motion controls, plus a stable 60fps. Not too shabby, indeed. At first glance, it seems like a grab bag of all of the best bits from battle royales piled into one, which is no bad thing.

So, while Crazy Justice is awaiting a retail release, maybe you can put down Fortnite and focus on a Switch cross-play title that’ll serve as your battle royale quota on-the-go. It might even get the guys and gals at Epic to hit fast-forward on their Nintendo plans.