Capcom ‘does not have a set policy’ on PS5 and Xbox Series X game prices

There isn’t yet any plan for Capcom PS5 and Xbox Series X game prices. According to a question in a recent financial call, the company “does not have a set policy” for pricing its next-gen releases like Pragmata and other upcoming titles.

Recently, Capcom held a conference call summarizing their financial status following the conclusion of the Fiscal Year 2021’s first quarter. Part of that conference call included a question and answer session (via Reddit), and one of the questions asked how much we’d be paying for next-generation games. Unfortunately, it looks like Capcom hasn’t quite decided what they’ll do just yet.

Q. What is your policy regarding pricing for next-generation titles?

A. We do not have a set policy at this time. We will consider our approach having analyzed both our

strengths and weaknesses while closely monitoring industry trends.

The bit about “closely monitoring industry trends” stands out there — NBA 2k21 is the only game to outright say that next-gen prices are going up. (Whether or not it deserves that price bump is another matter.) Most other game developers haven’t really settled on a price, either.

One of Capcom’s most-anticipated next-gen titles is Pragmata, a game that was revealed just over a month ago with a mysterious new trailer. The company is definitely making games with an eye on the next generation of consoles, but whether or not Capcom PS5 and Xbox Series X game prices will go up will depend, for now, on whether or not other game developers raise their prices first.