PS5 will ‘struggle’ with 4K and be more expensive than Xbox Series X – Rumor

The PS5 will be more expensive than the Xbox Series X but will be less powerful and “struggle” with 4K, according to a leaker. AestheticGamer, a prominent horror game leaker who accurately leaked Resident Evil 3 Remake details, has claimed that the PlayStation 5 will have a lot of “fake 4K” with its games.

AestheticGamer responded to a tweet asking about the PS5’s compatibility with Capcom‘s in-house RE Engine, with the leaker making some claims about the overall performance of the system in the process. According to AG’s tweets, the PS5 faces the “really real possibility” of being the most expensive console while also being the least powerful, with it struggling to run some games at a native 4K resolution including the upcoming Resident Evil 8.

AG claims that developers have told them that the “PS5 struggles with 4K games in particular,” and that the Xbox Series X “doesn’t have the same problem.” This suggests that the Xbox Series X will be run games at a 4K resolution more adeptly than Sony’s next-gen console.

AestheticGamers’ tweets can be viewed below:

Both Sony and Microsoft have thus far held off on revealing the price points of their consoles, with many believing both companies are waiting for their rival to strike past. If AestheticGamer’s claims are true, Sony might feel that it asking for more money for a less powerful console will harm PS5 sales, while Microsoft could use this to promote the Xbox Series X over its competitor.

Of course, all of these claims are unverified and should be taken with a sizeable handful of salt. Sony has yet to release an official word about the PS5’s price, and despite its apparent problems with 4K, we’ve already seen from previous showcases that it’s no slouch in the visuals department.