The Scott Pilgrim game re-release might actually be happening

Scott Pilgrim conquered many ex-partners in his day, but he never quite bested one member of his own past: Ubisoft. The French publisher released Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game in August 2010 as a tie-in with the film before being taken off digital storefronts at the end of 2014. Fans have rallied for it to respawn — especially given its recent tenth anniversary — and it looks like it might be given an extra life, judging by a recent tweet by Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley. And even though the tweet itself is a big deal, it works in conjunction with other evidence that makes a Scott Pilgrim game re-release seem even more likely.

O’Malley tweeted that Ubisoft had reached out to him, but didn’t give any other details. He has said in the past that he would more than ready for a re-release and even tagged Ubisoft in said tweet. Ubisoft has been relatively silent for those years since, hence the lack of action.

Nothing is obviously set in stone or guaranteed to happen, but Ubisoft’s alleged message to O’Malley is important since the publisher (along with Universal) is a big part of whether this game can come out again. Ubisoft has not said anything publicly about the beat ’em up, but did respond to O’Malley’s plea to bring it back with a thinking face emoji in May 2020.

Edgar Wright, director of the 2010 movie, has also expressed his support. He simply told Ubisoft to revive the game in May 2020 and even said that they were “working on the video game situation” earlier today.

Other people involved with the project have been for a re-release as well. Designer Jonathan Lavigne, animator Jonathan “Persona” Kim, and band Anamanaguchi also relay their love for the game to Kotaku. Lavigne even said his studio, Tribute Games, could help with the development of a re-release or remaster.

Even though Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game released to relatively average reviews on the PS3 and Xbox 360, locking it away has damned this game to a fate it didn’t deserve and disappointed both potential fans and preservationists. It’ll take some work to put out since it will likely have to release on the current batch of systems, but just getting the game in some form is likely good enough as many have been asking for some sort of remaster for quite some time.