Apex Legends Season 6 won’t have a new map

It’s time to get hype for some new Battle Royale content — the Apex Legends Season 6 gameplay trailer has arrived, kicking off the new season with the debut of the new Legend Rampart, the new Crafting mechanic, and one particular disappointment: there will be no new map in Apex Legends Season 6.

The trailer opened by showing off Rampart manning a gatling gun and mowing down many of the other legends. We then got to see one of her executions: she sets up a gatling gun and turns it on, mocking a downed enemy as it turns them into swiss cheese.

The Apex Legends Season 6 gameplay trailer soon moved on to show off some of the new cosmetics and a little bit of the new crafting mechanic, but that’s also when we got a somewhat disappointing confirmation that there isn’t going to be a new map for Apex Legends‘ upcoming sixth season. World’s Edge, however, will be getting some serious renovations.

Apex Legends Season 6 gameplay trailer Rampart

Apex Legends Design Director Jason McCord detailed some of the changes and improvements coming to World’s Edge in Season 6. One of the biggest changes is the addition of the Hammond Industries Launch Site west of the Dome in a lava field that previously had nothing of note in it. A massive spaceship servee as teh centerpiece of this new location, surrounded by four large control rooms and “tons of loot” in the area. Season 6 will also feature the shutdown of the beloved World’s Edge Train.

A few more points of interest have been added, but the most interesting change has to be the rising blast walls. Players who first arrive in Launch Site, Countdown, or Staging can activate these blast walls, fortifying this position and giving them a serious defensive advantage.

You can see all of the cool new cosmetics, Rampart, and some bits of the World’s Edge renovations in the Apex Legends Season 6 gameplay trailer below. You’ll be able to play Apex Legends Season 6 when it launches on August 18, 2020.