Rumor: A more powerful Nintendo Switch will arrive in 2021

new Nintendo Switch model is rumored to be arriving in early 2021. Should this rumor prove true, we may see a similar power split as we did with the PS4 and PS4 Pro for the future of Nintendo’s games. reports a rather unsurprising fact — Nintendo’s stock has been doing really well. That shouldn’t be a surprise with the Nintendo Switch being typically sold out for the last few months  (although it looks like it’s finally back in stock on Amazon).

What is surprising, however, is a rumor that a new Nintendo Switch model may be on the way. There have been plenty of rumors about a new console over the year, so much so that Nintendo has outright told its investors that it wouldn’t be releasing a new model in 2020. A new model may come in 2021, though, and it might just have some of the new features we’d love to see.

According to purported anonymous sources in the supply chain, the next version of the Nintendo Switch will be a more powerful console. Thus far, the only differences have been in battery life with the newer standard model and form factor with the Nintendo Switch Lite.

These rumors haven’t been confirmed and no specific evidence has been presented, so take them with a grain of salt. We can’t say for sure if we’ll see a new Nintendo Switch in 2021, but it would certainly be an interesting development.