Fall Guys are now playable in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Fall Guys has become a phenomenon since releasing earlier this month, and now the battle royale has begun seeping into other games. Resident Evil 3 Remake now features the Mediatonic game’s adorable ‘jelly bean’ characters, with one replacing protagonist Jill Valentine and therefore becoming a ‘Jilly Bean’ in the process.

The Fall Guys is playable in RE3 using a mod pack, which also transforms the terrifying Nemesis into a jelly bean. Rather than replacing the characters altogether, the Fall Guys mod pack instead reskins Jill and the Nemesis, with Jill essentially being stuck in a Fall Guys outfit complete with her head occasionally popping in and out of it.

We’ve already learned from the Fall Guys‘ Twitter account that, canonically, the jelly beans are wearing costumes and the white ‘faceplate’ is actually their real face. We hate to be that guy, but this means that technically if Jill Valentine was wearing a jelly costume, her face would still be visible.

Still, if you’re not hot on your Fall Guys lore, then we’re sure that you’ll be able to make your peace with this mod and enjoy running away from a jelly bean Nemesis. You can download the mod right here, and watch it in action below: