PS5 pre-order registrations open up on official Sony site

Waiting for PS5 pre-orders to go live has taken longer than other cycles. We’re likely less than three months away from the console’s launch and you still can’t secure one. But Sony is finally taking the first steps in letting players do just that by holding PS5 pre-order registrations that will let a select few buy the console early straight from the console maker itself.

Sony sent emails to some PSN accounts notifying users of this deal, which redirects to this site. By inputting your PSN ID, you’ll get thrown onto some list that Sony uses to decide who gets to pre-order a PS5 first, whenever that is. Think of this as a pre-pre-order.

The criteria is quite vague as Sony cited “previous interests and PlayStation activities” as how it is selecting people. This could probably be anything from how many platinum trophies to have to how long you’ve had your PSN account. Regardless, this is because of “limited quantities” — a likely reason because of the global pandemic.

PS5 pre-orders registrations open up on official Sony site

Signing up doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to pre-order a PS5 as Sony warns that it is a first-come-first serve basis. So if you are lucky enough to get on Sony’s list, you better act quickly and frequently check your email if you want your new Spider-Man: Miles Morales-enabled system.

Even those who do buy a PS5 will be limited. You can only get one (goodbye, PS5 eBay flippers) of either the full PS5 or the digital-only iteration, two DualSense controllers, two controller charging stations, two 3D Pulse headsets, two media remotes, and two cameras. Those unlucky enough to not get an invite will also be able to buy those peripherals, but each transaction is limited to those quantities. This is also only for deliveries to U.S. addresses.

There are still two big questions: price and launch date. Sony has not nailed down either but it will obviously have to if it is going to take pre-orders. And if it is talking about pre-orders, then we will probably get these answers relatively soon. Hopefully.