Sea of Thieves September update lets you raid the Vaults of the Ancients

The Sea of Thieves September update finally has a name and players will soon be able to raid massive treasure hoards brimming with gold. Sea of Thieves: Vaults of the Ancients will have you recovering keys, solving puzzles, and unlocking the many secrets of these hidden riches.

The Gold Hoarders have been doing exactly as their name implies and saving up mountains of gold. There’s just one little problem: where you can safely store all of that cash in a world filled with pirates? The solution lies in the Vaults of the Ancients that are protected by sturdy locks and ancient puzzles.

Players will be charged with finding keys to open these vaults in the Sea of Thieves September update. You could return it to the Gold Hoarders… or you could do as a pirate does, keep the key for yourself, and quietly sail away with a hold filled with fantastic treasure.

Sea of Thieves September update Vaults of the Ancients gold floor

Entering the Vaults of the Ancients starts a timer. You can use this time to open up the treasure chests littered around the room, but there’s an even bigger prize in store.

There are medallions scattered throughout the vaults. If you manage to find them, you can place them in a puzzle table in the middle of the room and start to work on a challenging puzzle. Solve it correctly and you’ll unlock an even greater treasure that the Gold Hoarders really don’t want you to have.

“So, hoping with everything combined in the room, we’ve created ourselves a high-intensity, in and out loot grab that our players or our crews are really going to enjoy.” Sea of Thieves’ Game Designer Aaron Nilesen explained in the Sea of Thieves September update video. “And we can’t wait to see how much gold you can get for you and your crew. You can play these treasure vaults in the next Sea of Thieves update.”

Sea of Thieves’ new update won’t just be adding a new dungeon, mind. Several new quality-of-life improvements (such as UI improvements) and doggos will be arriving as well — check out the Sea of Thieves September update video below to see some more of the things that are on the way!