Crysis Wars multiplayer game may be getting a comeback

Crysis Wars multiplayer may be coming back as some sort of standalone game according to a trademark that has recently been filed.

As Gematsu reports, Crytek has filed a trademark for “Crysis Wars”. If you’re not a diehard fan of the franchise, you might not know that this was a standalone multiplayer game set in the Crysis universe that released in the late 2010s. This multiplayer game was packaged with the Crysis Warhead midquel and eventually shut down its servers in 2014.

With the recent revival of Crysis, the revelation of this new trademark may mean that Crytek is seeking to revive multiplayer in some fashion. It’s not quite clear how this might work, though — are they going to make this a standalone title, or will it be packaged with a future release?

Either way, the trademark filing for Crysis Wars suggests that something using that name may be coming in the future. It will likely be several months before anything would be announced, but it sure would be fun to return to this classic.