Fall Guys’ Twitter replaced with an ‘advanced AI’ BeanBot

Fall Guys’ Twitter has been replaced with an “advanced AI” while its Senior Community Manager Oliver “OliverAge24” Hindle goes on vacation for a week, with the ‘BeanBot’ allegedly taking control of the account.

The Fall Guys Twitter account has had a huge impact on the game’s success, becoming extremely popular in its own right. Such has been the impact of the account that various brands have tried to associate themselves with the account, with companies from KFC to Walmart creating their own Fall Guys fan art in order to be featured by the game’s official channel.

“As I mentioned earlier in the week — I’m taking a holiday,” stated the Fall Guys community manager in a tweet. “In my absence, we’ll be activating BeanBot, an advanced AI that uses Machine Learning to imitate my tweets[.] It might not be perfect, but please be nice to them[!]”

What followed was the end result of many cautionary tales about the dangers of A.I.: the Fall Guys Twitter bot quickly went off the rails, making the worrying claim that the oft-hated Yellow Team is actually its favorite team and making several other strange tweets.

So, has the Fall Guys Twitter really been replaced by an “advanced AI” or is this something else entirely? Considering the absolute disaster that was Microsoft’s Tay project, we have our suspicions that this might not be what is claimed.

Still, Hindle maintains that the BeanBot is “100%” real, so we could be seeing the Fall Guys Twitter account going off the rails sooner rather than later.