Xbox Series S price and design reportedly leaked [Update: date has now leaked with video]

The Xbox Series S price and box have been quite the mystery, but leaker Brad Sams may have lifted the veil off both of those aspects. Sams has revealed what he says is the layout of the box and its price — $299.99. However, he did not give any sort of release date, but Windows Central did and it looks like the date is going to be November 10, 2020.

Sams tweeted this news and attached a YouTube video to it with the unusual system design as the thumbnail. As you can see, it appears to have a very large vent on the top of it, but has the general form factor of the current Xbox One S. He also said it doesn’t appear to have a disc drive, which Windows Central writer Jez Corden backed up. This smaller box and lack of disc drive would explain the alleged $299.99 price point.

He claims that this still was probably pulled from a promotional video we will see soon. It has some of the features of a promotional video like the faint watermark in the top left and the fine print at the bottom (although those aspects don’t confirm that this is 100% legitimate).

Microsoft has oddly yet to officially speak about this weaker console, even though it has been rumored and leaked for quite some time. Since both console makers are still holding their cards close to their chests, we will still have to wait and see if this is accurate. But given Sams’ track record, it’s all looking quite probable.

Windows Central not only corroborated Sams’ report, but also added to it. The site gave the aforementioned date as well as the price for the Xbox Series X, the bigger, more powerful sibling to the Series S. It will reportedly cost $499.99 — a full $200 more than the Series S. Both will come out on November 10 and owners will be able to pay off the Series S with a $25 per month payment plan and the Series X with a $35 per month payment plan.

Twitter user WakingCat also posted a video of the reported ad, showing even more of the Series S, giving the report even more validity. It’s all finally (allegedly) happening.