Gold PS5 pre-order will only cost you $10,000

If you’re looking to game with a little style this year, then this gold PS5 pre-order might be something worth checking out. It won’t be cheap, though — the cheapest PS5 24K gold option starts at the somewhat insane price of $10,427.

Truly Exquisite is a luxury brand that specializes in blinging out tech for wealthy folks who like the latest products. Their business model is pretty straightforward: they’ll take a hot new product like the latest Samsung Galaxy phone, cover it in gold and jewels, and then sell it for a robust profit. Now, this same company is offering up a gold-plated PlayStation 5 as @Wario64 reports.

Gamers can grab an all-digital PS5 plated in 24K gold for only $10,427. If you’d prefer a different look, you can instead get it plated in 18K Rose Gold for $10,552 or plated in platinum for $10,682. If you’d prefer your console to have a disc drive, then you can get the 24K gold edition for $10,552, the 18K rose gold edition for $10,682, or the platinum edition for $10.813.

Gold PS5 pre-order DualSense controller

Of course, you don’t just get a console with your gold PS5 pre-order — after all, how would you be able to enjoy your games? Each purchase will include a PlayStation 5 console, 2 DualSense controllers, and 1 3D Pulse headset, all of which will be stylishly plated in shiny metal.

Your blinged-out gaming console will be packaged in a luxury wooden box and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Luckily, shipping is free.

There will only be 250 of these limited-edition consoles created for each available option. Truly Exquisite also offers separate pricing on a played DualSense controller ($845) and a plated 3D Pulse Headset ($520).

If you have an extra few thousand dollars burning in your pocket, you can put in your gold PS5 pre-order starting on September 10, 2020. You don’t want to wait too long, though — I have a feeling that these high-end luxury gaming consoles are going to disappear fast. Alternatively, you could spend that same amount of money buying a regular PS5, a dozen or so launch games, and putting a down payment on a new car.