Xbox Series X and Game Pass is cheaper to pay off monthly than buy outright

The Xbox Series X price has been revealed, with it now confirmed that it’s cheaper to pay it off monthly via the Xbox All Access program than buy it and a similar Xbox Game Pass subscription outright.

The Xbox Series X costs $499.99, as confirmed today by Microsoft. The Xbox All Access program for the Xbox Series X costs $34.99/mo for 24 months, bringing its total value to $839.75 (not including tax). This includes the console and a 24-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the digital subscription service that contains all first-party Xbox Game Studios title along with a bunch of third-party games, too.

If the Xbox Series X and a 24-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription were to be purchased outright, the total sum would be $859.75 (again, not including tax). This means that the Xbox All Access program presents better value for money than if you were to purchase the two outside of the monthly payment plan.

The Xbox All Access program for the Xbox Series S provides even more value for money. When not including tax, the $299.99 console combined with a 24-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription would come to $659.75 if purchased outright, compared to the $599.76 it will cost for buyers to invest in the console’s $24.99/mo 24-month payment plan.

xbox series x price cheap

Now, if you weren’t planning on keeping an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for this long, then buying outright would be the better deal, as you could then cancel your Game Pass subscription at any time. However, if you plan to purchase more than 2 games per year, keeping an Xbox Game Pass subscription which gives you access to all first-party games and plenty of third-party games is a no-brainer.

Additionally, Microsoft has announced that EA Play will be added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no extra cost to subscribers. EA Play offers access to EA’s library of games, including early access to huge games such as the FIFA series. EA Play includes more than 60 of the publisher’s biggest games, such as the BattlefieldMass Effect, and The Sims series, bringing even more value for money to Game Pass in the process.

Many will understandably see an Xbox Game Pass subscription as a must-buy alongside the next-gen Xbox consoles, and will retain their subscription for as long as they own the consoles due to the value for money it provides. It also grants players access to the Xbox Live Gold service, which provides its own free games along with online multiplayer, and allows games to also be played on PC via Xbox Play Anywhere.

When you put it all together, it’s absurdly good value for money considering how often the gaming industry is known to nickel ‘n’ dime its players. This will likely be a determining factor for many when it comes to their next-gen console of choice, allowing them to jump into the next generation of console hardware without planting down a sizable lump sum of cash outright.