Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered leaked, Switch version could be cheaper

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered has leaked via a Portuguese retailer. These leaked store listings show that PS4Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions could be on the way — and the Nintendo Switch version is surprisingly cheaper.

The Mass Effect games hold their place in history as one of Bioware’s most beloved RPGs, especially because players had an attachment to their own version of Commander Shepard. It’s been a fair few years since the original trilogy has concluded and many fans have been clamoring for a remaster. Now, it looks like one might be on the way.

Portuguese gaming retailer GamingReplay listed the games on its site (via @Nibellion). Their entire site has gone down at the time of writing, but an archive of the listing shows us the important details.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions of Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered are priced at €59.99. Strangely, the Nintendo Switch version is ten Euros cheaper at €49.99. Unfortunately, all we have to go on is these store listings, the pricing listed by the store, and some mock-up box art; all the store page says otherwise is that there will be “more information soon.”

Are we really getting a Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered? Bioware has been hinting at a return of the original games, so we may be getting a chance to play them in a new way soon. Do keep in mind that this is only a retailer leak so far; as always, take such rumors with a grain of salt.