Mass Effect remasters give players the choice between Legendary and Classic mode

Mass Effect Legendary Edition presents players with a choice of two modes when they first start playing: Legendary and Classic. The latter is truer to the original experience(s), while the former reworks leveling to help streamline things. But, which is better? With players wondering the differences in Legendary vs Classic mode, this is a tough decision for those starting out with the collection for the first time.

Mass Effect Remasters: Is Legendary or Classic mode better?

Mass Effect Legendary vs Classic mode

Existing Mass Effect fans can choose Classic mode to play with the original level cap of 60. Those new to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition remasters can simplify their experience by opting for Legendary mode, which features a level cap of 30.

Reaching the Mass Effect Legendary Edition max level cap takes the same length of time in either mode. As such, opting for the new Legendary setting isn’t a sneaky way of maxing out characters in half the time. Essentially, the main difference is that users will spend less time leveling up in menus and more time in the thick of the action by opting for the Legendary mode.

There’s no harm in trying both settings, as users are able to switch back and forth via the in-game options menu at any time. Players don’t lose experience, attributes, and abilities in the process — the game simply converts everything over.

Ultimately, the difference is minor and largely cosmetic. Players that appreciate story and combat more than character customization should probably consider the new Legendary option, however.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition does a great job of modernizing the classic trilogy, though the remasters aren’t without controversy. Many purists aren’t too happy about camera changes and missing DLC. The Xbox version of the collection is also prone to crashing, though, thankfully, there is an easy fix.

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