This Flight Simulator 2020 Passenger Mod is exactly what the game needs

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is a gaming wonder, but it can get boring. Despite giving players the ability to fly over the globe’s entirety, there’s little “game” to it other than the challenge scenarios. Plenty of people are happily setting their own goals, but some want more tangible objectives. For those players, the Self-Loading Cargo addon for Flight Simulator 2020, a mod that adds full passenger simulation, might be the hook that keeps them coming back for more.

The base release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 lets players go through the motions of picking up passengers. Players can connect airliners to gates via jetways, request baggage and catering services, and adjust the overall weight to reflect a full load. However, it feels more like playing make-believe, as there are no systems in place to track passengers. So, a pilot can aileron roll their 747 to their heart’s content with a hypothetical cabin of folks and never receive a reprimand.

The Self-Loading Cargo addon (official site) rectifies this glaring omission by adding a full per-passenger simulation to the game. This passenger mod for Flight Simulator 2020 adds a new panel that allows pilots control over a host of passenger operations. The cabin layout is simulated on a per-plane basis (with multiple real-world layouts available for each model). Pilots must handle boarding, safety, and in-flight services like meals, movies, and Wi-Fi, all while flying their plane in a safe, by-the-books manner.

This passenger mod adds some much-needed gamification to Flight Simulator 2020

The way this mod works brings to mind Rollercoaster Tycoon. There’s an overall satisfaction rating that is the culmination of the feelings of each passenger. They each have simulated needs, which, if met, increase their satisfaction. Adding to their personalities is their thoughts. They may be thankful for music playing during the airplane’s taxi or appreciate good Wi-Fi. Alternatively, other actions might make them nervous. Not turning off the seatbelt sign during cruise, thirst, hunger, and boredom can make for a disgruntled passenger. The mod even simulates obnoxious passengers, and a drunk, aggressive, or loud person can negatively affect the flight for everyone. The mod even adds ambient noise and lines for the pilot and flight crew, which adds even more to the experience.

For some players, the magic of Flight Simulator 2020 has worn off a bit. However, the gamification added by the Self-Loading Cargo addon gives tangible objectives that enhance the role-playing experience significantly. The mod can be purchased for $15.80 in early access and is under very active development. It’s also compatible with X-Plane, P3D, Flight Simulator X, and Flight Simulator 2004, so fans of those older titles can still get this fantastic passenger simulation.