The Fall Guys Half-Life: Alyx skin is finally back

The Fall Guys Alyx skin has finally returned to the shop. Fans of Half-Life: Alyx might have missed out on this legendary costume the first time around, but you finally have another chance to buy it — as long as you have enough crowns.

Fall Guys is well-known for its crazy outfits (and even crazier levels), but it also has a downside for people who like to change things up: there’s only so much room in the shop. That means some items fall out of rotation and you might miss it the first time around.

Thankfully, an exclusive skin has finally returned to the shop after more than a month. The Alyx Vance-themed skin is once again available for purchase. You’ll need 5 crowns to buy the top half and 5 crowns to get the bottom. Don’t worry if you can’t get it, though — everyone is getting a cool new costume for free in the coming weeks, so you’ll have something new to wear one way or another.

If you haven’t yet grabbed the Fall Guys Alyx skin, now is the time to buy it — you have until the afternoon of Sunday, November 20, 2020, before it goes out of rotation again. Get some wins and grab it while you can.