Xbox Series X and S pre-orders break Amazon, Best Buy, and more

Xbox Series X and S pre-orders have gone live in the US today, but retailers are struggling to cope with the demand. The Amazon store pages for the next-gen consoles went down almost immediately, showing readers various images of “the dogs of Amazon,” while Best Buy is displaying incorrect pre-order information altogether.

The pre-orders went live today at 8 AM EDT, with various retailers putting their next-gen Xbox console listings online. However, the number of users trying to access their websites forced widespread outages and errors, with many struggling under the weight of prospective Xbox Series X and Series X buyers.

Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft struggle with Xbox Series X pre-orders

Microsoft’s homepage immediately went down as users attempted to pre-order the console from its official site. Meanwhile, Best Buy is still displaying the console as “coming soon.’

Amazon fares a little better, with the listing at least appearing, though clicking directly to its page prompts an error message informing users that “something went wrong on our end.”

Unlike Sony, which sprung pre-orders on customers less than 24 hours after announcing the PS5’s pricing, Microsoft gave prospective buyers a comparatively lengthy amount of time to contemplate their pre-orders. However, this hasn’t meant that retailers have been any more well-equipped to deal with this high demand, currently leaving plenty of prospective buyers empty-handed.

Hopefully, these retailers will be able to rectify their technical issues, and Microsoft will be able to supply enough Xbox Series X and S consoles to meet demand. However, considering that demand seems particularly high for all next-gen consoles, those currently unable to purchase a new Xbox will have to keep their fingers crossed while all parties attempt to make this situation easier for both retailers and consumers.