The Game Awards 2020 promises new game announcements and big surprises

The Game Awards 2020 date has finally been announced. The biggest awards show in the gaming world will still be happening this year, and it’s promising to deliver new game announcements — and some other big surprises.

Previous years saw The Game Awards taking place entirely in Los Angeles, but the challenges of the 2020 pandemic have necessitated a rework of the show’s plans. This year’s show will take place remotely from Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo. Keighley is leaning towards having presenters announce the awards on stages by themselves to preserve the grandiose feeling of an awards show.

Naturally, one concern that viewers might have is whether or not there is actually anything to announce at The Game Awards 2020. While there have been many notable delays in the gaming world, game developers have assured showrunner Geoff Keighley that there is still plenty of new content to show off at this year’s show.

“So I talked to all the game companies and they’re like ‘no, we’ve got great content to kind of show fans around games,’ and they’re really excited to show that,” Keighley explained to Variety. “So yeah, it’s gonna be a super interesting at the end of the year to see what comes out at the top.”

You’ll be able to watch The Game Awards 2020 on December 10 via 45 global video platforms including YouTube and Twitch.