Why Watch Dogs Legion is bringing back Aiden Pearce

Watch Dogs was a decent open-world game, but it was held back by its gravelly, lackluster protagonist Aiden Pearce. Watch Dogs 2 course corrected with the optimistic and charismatic Marcus Holloway, but that sequel still gave a quick nod to the trench coat-wearing hacker from the debut entry as if he deserved the shoutout. Instead of leaving him behind, Watch Dogs Legion (which is shaping up quite well) is bringing Pearce back as DLC, which is quite odd. But Ubisoft is trying to make him a better character.

Game Director Kent Hudson wasn’t at liberty to spill all of the details in Game Revolution’s recent interview with him, but he seemed to tacitly acknowledge how Pearce could have been a better character and how time could give him somewhat of a second chance.

“The producers will kill me if I give too many details, but I will definitely say that we are not taking the Aiden from Watch Dogs 1 and just plopping the same person into our game,” he said. “As you can tell even from the earlier images, this is an older, more weathered Aiden. Time has passed. This is not happening three days after the end of Watch Dogs 1. He’s learned some lessons and changed and is grappling with some new stuff as he arrives in Watch Dogs Legion.”

Why Watch Dogs Legion is bringing back Aiden Pearce

We don’t quite know what Pearce will be dealing with in his standalone downloadable chapter that’s coming as part of the game’s season pass, but Hudson said we will see how is a different person now.

“It will be an interesting take for players who want to know what happened since Watch Dogs 1 and how he changed in that time,” he continued. “We’re embracing the passage of time and embracing the reflection on the events Watch Dogs 1 and how that might have changed him.”

When is the Watch Dogs Legion Aiden Pearce DLC coming out?

Hudson nor Ubisoft have revealed the Watch Dogs Legion Aiden Pearce DLC release, but it’s likely that it will come out in early 2021. For example, Watch Dogs 2‘s first big DLC drop released three months after the base game.