PS4 Black Lives Matter theme leads to PS5 boycott threats

A new PS4 Black Lives Matter theme has resulted in some users threatening to cancel their PS5 pre-orders and boycott the upcoming console. The new static theme has inevitably caused controversy, with PlayStation’s reaffirmed stance on the political and social movement leading to replies from users saying they will instead purchase the Xbox Series X — despite Xbox also pledging its support to BLM.

The Black Lives Matter theme has been made available as a free download on the PS Store, with it being announced by the official PlayStation Twitter account. “Show your support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement with this new PS4 theme, out now for free at PS Store,” the tweet reads.

“Ignorance” over the BLM PS4 theme is “mind-blowing”

Right-wing followers responded by claiming they would either cancel their pre-orders of the PS5 or boycott the console and instead purchase an Xbox Series X. This is despite Xbox and Microsoft both pledging their support to Black Lives Matter earlier this year.

Despite this, the new PS4 theme has allegedly been enough to convince some to switch which console they will be purchasing. “Thank you for helping me figure out which console to buy,” reads one reply. “I’ve been trying to decide what console to buy bc I can only afford one. And as far as I know Xbox hasn’t shown any support for BLM. So it looks like I’m going to be the proud owner of a new Xbox when I save enough money.”

“I’ve been a huge Playstation fan and customer since day 1 with PS1 & up to PS4,” another response reads. “But this pathetic virtue signaling caused me to cancel my PS5 preorder, & instead, preorder the Xbox Series X. Whats next, an ANTIFA themed, limited edition PS5? Keep politics OUT of our games!”

Other users were quick to point out the holes in critics’ arguments. “The ignorance in the comments are mind blowing!,” one user tweeted. “1. OF COURSE all lives matter but until black lives are seen as less than everyone else’s this statement is nothing but a damn lie. 2. The theme is optional, if you don’t like it don’t freaking download it. Simple right?”

The Black Lives Matter PS4 theme is available to download for free via the PS Store right here.